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IV - Needmore Police

Quincy sat on the second-floor balcony of the Comfy Pillow Hotel looking out at the busy marketplace of Needmore. Needmore was a small town with only three streets that crossed at the center to make a large triangle. This is where the town's shops, civic buildings, and single hotel were situated.

The people of Needmore were unusual, to say the least. There were artists and musicians, scientists and theologians, and all with varying degrees of wealth and/or eccentricity; From the local sculptor living under a small, make-shift lean-to outside the cafe to Maximilian Arther Smith, philosophical physicist renowned for the discovery of the Smith fiction particle--the particle that binds plot to characters and gives story structure its mass--not as well-known as the Higgs boson, but almost equally lucrative.

Maximilian Arther Smith was the reason Quincy was called to the Comfy Pillow Hotel. The hotel was an expensive, vintage hotel--despite its name. The guests were usually people of some notoriety and so it was perfectly logical for Maximilian to choose to stay there, despite living only forty minutes away. His purpose there was a bit more unusual--and possibly overdramatic. Maximilian had brought his family together there for a pleasant weekend getaway where he would announce inheritance--he'd even prepared an elaborate reveal.

On the last morning of the three-day stay, Maximilian would distribute letters to each family member with a personal message and a description of any inheritance they were to receive upon his death. The night before the reveal, the letters were taken. Of course, no one admitted to taking the letters, and everyone allowed their rooms to be searched to no avail. Being a man of some importance, the hotel quickly agreed to phone the police and help recover the letters.

Needmore's one police officer, Greg Haskin, was no detective, so he called the Everless Police Department and requested assistance. What he got was a rude receptionist, a rude sergeant from the wrong department, and finally, a rude detective that gave him the phone number of a consultant.


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